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On January 23rd, 2014, the City Council approved Ordinances 2014-1629 through 2014-1631 amending the Traffic and Parking Ordinances for the City of Murray. Click here to view copies of these recently published ordinances. These ordinances were the result of a two year process during which a comprehensive review of the City's existing Traffic and Parking Ordinances were studied. The ordinances contained at the link above have been edited by removing the stricken portions contained in the ordinances to aid in the ease of readability.

In researching the city's traffic and parking ordinances, it was discovered that many ordinances within the city conflicted with one another and some were contradictory to state law. After a comparison of municipal traffic ordinances with other cities within the State of Kentucky, it also became quite obvious that many of our ordinances were out of date and did not meet current standards of practice. Many, if not most, of the City's traffic codes dated from the 1930's and a revision of those codes was seriously past due.

The purpose of traffic codes are to promote traffic safety, enhance the smooth flow of traffic and in areas of high demand, to fairly allocate parking among the public, and to protect the health, safety, and welfare of both motorists and pedestrians using our public transportation network.

The new ordinances not only corrected the contradictory issues noted above, but also assigned responsibility, adopted standards of practice, and formalized the process of addressing and implementing solutions for parking and traffic matters.

The new ordinances adopt and contain references, (i.e. chapter's 70.01- Definitions and 70.04 - Traffic Safety Committee) to the City's Traffic Management Manual. This manual, which can be viewed by clicking the following titles, consists of the "City of Murray Traffic Control Request Policy" and the "City of Murray On-Street Parking Guide".

The City's Traffic Control Request Policy outlines and formalizes the City's process, procedures and resources used in addressing, resolving, and implementing solutions on traffic matters. This policy also outlines the procedures on how members of the public, who are part of an affected area, may appeal the city's solution or request a variance from national guidelines or approved standards. The Request for Change of Traffic Control Conditions can be downloaded from the Downloadable Forms page or by clicking here.

The On-Street Parking Guide provides information for use by the Traffic Safety Committee and informs the general public of generally accepted guidelines, standards and traffic engineering practices regarding parking issues, criteria, types of restrictions, and parking design. While the On-Street Parking Guides serves as the primary policy for on-street parking in the City, Chapter 72.03 - Authority to Restrict Parking, does allows the Traffic Safety Committee to consider additional listed factors when determining parking prohibitions and restrictions.

City Ordinance 2014-1629 Traffic Codes

City Ordinance 2014-1631 Parking Codes

City of Murray Traffic Control Policy - Adopted January 2014

City of Murray On Street Parking Guide - Adopted January 2014

Request for Change of Traffic Control Conditions

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