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Right-of-Way and Drainage Maintenance

The Street Department removes obstructions to visibility to promote safety for motorists and pedestrians alongside and over the City's roadways and sidewalks that are located with the public right-of-way. City residents also share in the burden maintaining this area under City Ordinances (Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page).

Additionally, we also maintain the Storm Water Drainage System to prevent blockage of storm water alongside our city streets, within the public right-of-ways, and within public drainage easements. The department is, however, not responsible for the maintenance of drainage systems, drainage inlets, or creeks and streams located on private property. After each and every rain storm, the department inspects and removes debris from more than 500 city maintained storm water inlet boxes throughout the city.

The department does assist residents in the installation or replacement of private driveway culverts. In an effort to properly maintain proper drainage, the department will advise the resident of the proper size and type of culvert required and provides the labor, free of charge to install a new or replacement culvert. However, the resident is responsible for the cost of all materials.

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