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Business Licenses

A business license is required for anyone who operates a business or performs work within the Murray City Limits. This includes out-of-town contractors who perform work within the city limits. The business license rate is based on the business classification. The business license application must be approved by the Planning and Zoning Department before issuance. Zoning, land use, signage and parking are checked by Planning and Zoning staff. License rate fees are pro-rated for businesses that begin during the middle of the year. The annual business license expires May 1 of each year. The new license is required by the last day of May each year. After that date, a late fine in the amount of the license is applied to the cost of the license.

Click here for the business license application (PDF)

Click here for business classification rate schedule (PDF)

Click here for business license classification definitions (PDF)

Click here for the transient business application (PDF)

KY One Stop Business Portal. This is a link to the Secretary of State's office, allowing citizens to register a new business online and the steps needed at the state and local levels to start a business in Kentucky.