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Ordinance & Documents

There are four PDF documents available here. One is the Ordinance 2002-1298 adopted December 11, 2003, effective July 1, 2004. The second is the codified version, published in the Murray Code of Ordinances, June 24, 2004. The Ordinance 2002-1298 is the complete version. The code is the summarized or codified version. The third document is the Stormwater section of the 1999 City of Murray Zoning Ordinance.

Complete Ordinance 2002-1298 (28 KB PDF)

Codified Stormwater Utility (14 KB PDF)

Stormwater Conveyance, Erosion Control, and Pollution Prevention Ordinance (non-codified) (117 KB PDF)

Stormwater Quality Management Plan (1630 KB PDF)

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