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Detailed Billing Info

All properties of record with an active water service account within the City of Murray shall be required to pay a monthly stormwater utility fee based on their contribution to stormwater runoff. The fee will appear as a new, separate line item on the monthly utility bill. In the event a property shall not have a utility service but is deemed to be contributing runoff to the City's stormwater management system, a new account shall be developed and that property shall be billed for the stormwater fees. This shall be based on the amount of impervious area of the properties. Impervious surface area is a surface which impedes the natural infiltration of water, including, but not limited to roofs, driveways, patios, or private sidewalks. Impervious area shall be expressed in Equivalent Rate Units or (ERU)'s. One ERU is equal to 3,000 square feet.

Single Family / Residential Customers

All single-family dwelling units will be considered one (1) ERU regardless of actual lot or structure size, and are considered to have an average impervious area of 3,000 square feet. The price for one ERU will be $1.50.

Multi-Family / Residential Customers

Shall include all duplex, tri-plex, four-plex, condominium, mobile home parks and other properties containing more than one dwelling unit but less than five dwelling units. All duplex, tri-plex, four-plex, and condominiums will be charged one ERU per dwelling unit. Apartments will be charged .5 ERU per dwelling unit, and mobile homes will be charged .5 ERU per lot space. Any residential units consisting of five or more units shall be considered commercial property.

Non-Residential/ Commercial Customers

The impervious surface for each property in the city is measured using aerial photography and geographical information systems (GIS) technology. The amount of impervious surface is divided by the equivalent rate unit of 3,000 square feet and multiplied by $1.50 per month. This rate per ERU will be charged for the first 60,000 square feet of commercial property. $1.00 per ERU will be charged for all impervious area over 60,000 square feet.

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