The City of Murray, Kentucky

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Overview of Divisions

Public Safety Divisions

The Murray Police Department and the Murray Fire Department have approximately 30 sworn members per department. Each department has three shifts that work on a rotation basis. Sworn members are eligible for state incentive pay as well as hazardous duty retirement. Applicants must meet stringent requirements and testing including but not limited to mental testing, physical agility testing, drug testing, as well as physical health requirements.

Public Works Divisions

The Public Works Division is made up of Natural Gas, Water, Water Plant, Wastewater Plant, Street, Sanitation, Central Garage, Transfer Station and Planning & Engineering.

Natural Gas
The Natural Gas Department provides fuel for many customers of Calloway and Graves Counties. The Gas Department is responsible for installing and maintaining the gas piping that serves residential and commercial customers.

The Water Department maintains water system infrastructure and installs new water services and water mains. Many new improvements have recently been added to the system to help assure quality water for the many customers of the Water System.

The Wastewater Department is responsible for the safe, effective removal of sanitary waste by maintaining and installing sewage mains that flow to the Bee Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Water Plant
The Water Plant maintains and assures that quality water standards meet state and federal regulations.

The Street Department helps maintain the miles of streets that are the responsibility of the City of Murray. The department also conducts a pick-up service for brush and leaves in the spring and fall seasons, respectively. The department also oversees the care and daily maintenance of the City Cemetery.

The Sanitation Department is responsible for removing and hauling the tons of refuse that is generated daily by the customers of the City of Murray.

Planning & Engineering
The Planning & Engineering Department oversees land usage, zoning compliance and new construction in the City of Murray as well as portions of Calloway County within a 4 mile radius of 12th and Main Sts. One of the more fascinating areas of the Planning & Engineering Department is the GIS Department which provides mapping services for the City and records the location of utility services.