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Code of Ordinances

The City Clerk keeps a hard copy of the official Murray Code of Ordinances. If there is a specific section that is needed, please contact the City Clerk at 270-762-0300 ext. 1116.  An online version of the Code of Ordinances is now available at:

Process of Codification

Once an ordinance is proposed, discussed, and approved by City Council through two public readings at separate City Council meetings, it is officially passed and signed by the mayor and city clerk. The ordinance is then published and codified. The codification process extracts necessary information and compiles and organizes it in a way that makes it legally presentable in document form. The original ordinance is still valid, but the ''chapter and verse'' codified ordinance is what is most commonly referenced.

Recently Published Ordinances

The following Ordinances have been passed and published by the City Council, but have yet to be codified and available for searching online through American Legal Publishing Corporation.