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ABC Application Forms

Note:  the City of Murray is currently drafting regulations after a city vote on July 17, 2012 that legalized package alcohol sales in the city limits.  This section of the website is currently under development as we draft the documents.
City Basic Application - (to be determined, must also complete a State application)

Anyone interested in applying for an alcohol license can contact Tim Fortner, ABC Administrator at 270-761-1222 or  

State License Forms

Attention all Temporary License Applicants:  Effective June 30, 2010, and in conformity with State law, all people applying for a temporary ABC license must submit a criminal background check.  When you download and print out page one (1) of this schedule The Instructions of Schedule Temporary will provide complete information on how to obtain our background check before you send this application to Frankfort.

Temporary events not to exceed 30 days

*A basic application is not required.

License Application Changes

ABC License applicants are now responsible for providing their background checks as part of the application process.  ABC.KY.GOV