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Weaks Community Center Board




The purpose of the Weaks Community Center Board is to provide for the proper and orderly operation and maintenance of the Weaks Community Center.




City Council Appointees:
Jim Frank, term expires 01/01/15
Jason Pittman, term expires 06/11/18

Fiscal Court Appointees:
County Appointment
County Appointment

Others as required by By-laws:
Mark Manning, EDC President
EDC Board Member
EDC Board Member
Jennifer Walker, PADD Executive Director
Eric Kelleher, Senior Citizens Director


  Location:                    Weaks Community Center
  Address:                     607 Poplar Street
  Date and Time:         As Needed

If you are interested in serving on this board/commission please complete an application by clicking here or if you would like more information regarding this board/commission, contact the City Clerk by email or call 270-762-0300.

Weaks Community Center Bylaws


Additional Information:

Weaks Community Center Website


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