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Mission & Values


Integrity:  All within the Murray Police Department will conduct themselves in a manner that will bring credit and honor to our community, department, and profession. We will be honest even if it means admitting our own mistakes or acting against our personal interests and loyalties.

Pride:  The men and women of the Murray Police Department believe our work to be necessary and an asset to our community.

Fairness:  Every officer will treat all people and issues in an unbiased, equitable, and just manner without regard for social indicators or economic status.

Partnership:  The Murray Police Department is dedicated to working with all citizens of Murray in an effort to solve community problems as well as making our neighborhoods a better place to live and work.

Professionalism:  As a department we constantly strive to expand our knowledge, act in service to others, and constantly evaluate not only ourselves but also the needs of those we serve.

Mission Statement

As members of the Murray Police Department, we are dedicated in our mission to provide a professional community oriented police service. We are committed to creating and maintaining an active community partnership by assisting citizens in identifying and solving problems in our community so that we may improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. We constantly strive for excellence in protecting life, property and maintaining order while ensuring fair and equal treatment to all. We will conduct ourselves professionally through a proactive effort in communication, prevention, deterrence and investigation of all that affects the safety of the citizens and visitors of Murray. All activities of the Murray Police Department will be conducted lawfully in accordance with the laws of the City of Murray, Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the United States of America.

Vision Statement

The Murray Police Department is a proactive police agency dedicated to excellence through quality community service. We shall ensure quality customer service for everyone we serve by way of accountability and community involvement. The Murray Police Department constantly strives to maintain a high standard in quality professionalism for employees through training, development and education as to assist with personal and career growth. We will continue to maintain an emphasis on innovation and improvement so that we may better serve the community of Murray.

Samuel Bierds
Chief of Police 

Murray Police Department