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Mayor's Committee to Enhance Business Process and Planning   




Member  Representing
Aaron Dial, Co-Chair Murray Calloway County Chamber of Commerce President
Chris Wooldridge, Co-Chair  District Director, Small Business Development Center
Mike Faihst Board of Zoning Adjustments member and former Council member
Sara Fineman Safety Training and Environmental Protection President and owner of Future Grounds
Jim Foster Owner of Culver's Restaurant and Planning Commission member
Kathy Kopperud Murray Calloway County Board of Realtors President
Mark Manning Murray Calloway County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director
Michael Pitman Attorney and former Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustments member
Jason Pittman Council member (Long Range Planning Committee Chair) and Vice President and Team
Leader of the Calloway Banking Center (CFSB)
David Roberts Planning and Engineering Director
F. T. "Butch" Seargent Council member (Public Works Committee Chair) and former Planning and Engineering



Additional Information:

The City of Murray is seeking feedback from Murray Business Owners to improve its interaction with the business community.  TAKE THE SURVEY


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